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Kindergarten Orientation News

Kindergarten Orientation 2021

Exciting day next week with our first Kindergarten orientation occurring on Thursday 12th November. For those of you who have your child attending orientation, please take note which group and time your child is required to attend their sessions. Unfortunately, we are unable to make any changes to these groups. We have communicated and held discussions with local preschools and child care centres and placed students accordingly. 

Our two School Captains, Indi and Landon, will be at the middle gate on Great Southern Road (where balloons will be placed) to greet you and direct you when your session is due to commence. We ask that you be patient with us and adhere to social distancing outside the gate during this time. You and your child will be allowed to wait at a witches hat (which will be placed around the registration tables) until the registration table is cleared. We ask only one child at a time be at the sign in table.

Unfortunately, parents will not be able to move beyond the sign in tables and will be asked to ‘kiss and drop’.  We have our friendly staff (who will be wearing orange vests) ready to assist those who may find this difficult.  Please rest assure, they are left in capable hands, and more then often, once they are in the room they settle straight away. 

Understandably, your child will be anxious and nervous about leaving you on the day. In order to best prepare them for a smooth transition into the classroom, we ask that you begin to practise ‘kiss and drop’. If your child attends a childcare or preschool, it is an easy way to prepare them.  Speak to your centre and let them know you wish to practise ‘kiss and drop’ with your child to get them use to this transition. 

Blue group           9:30 – 10:30

Green group       9:40 – 10:40

Red Group           9:50 – 10:50

A few things to remember when the big day arrives:

* Only one adult is permitted onto school grounds

* Please ensure you arrive at your designated time and not before to allow a smooth transition into school for all children.

* If you require to purchase uniforms, this will occur before or after your first session. Please advise the School leaders at the gate, and they will direct you to the sign in area.  Once you have purchased uniforms please wait in the designated sign in area designated by witches hats.

* Once your child moves off with a teacher please ensure you leave the school grounds promptly to allow others to move forward.

Please ensure you read your invitation for further details regarding this special day.

Looking forward to meeting your child next week!