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Road Safety

Bargo public school welcomes safe and careful road users.

The times just before and after school can be very dangerous for students as the volume of traffic and pedestrian road users increases dramatically.

All roads close to schools lie in school zones where the speed limit is 40 km/hr between the hours of 8:00 AM and 9:30 AM in the mornings and 2:30 - 4:00 PM in the afternoons.

Please be careful to observe road signs when picking up or setting down students. There is a 2 minute pickup and drop-off zone at the front of the school. It is good practice to move to the front of the zone (or as far forward as posible) in order to avoid traffic congestion at peak times. The No Stopping zone must be clear at all times. This ensures good visibility and limits the chance of accidents.

In the mornings and afternoons, the school  crossing at the front of the school is attended by a road  crossing supervisor. Please observe the directions of this officer. Crossing supervisors are employed and authorised to control and oversee the flow of vehicles and pedestrian traffic.

Always ensure that students have their seatbelts fastened until your vehicle has become stationary and that students alight on the passenger side of the car. At no time should children be summoned to cross the road in a place where there is no pedestrian crossing. Road safety is a community responsibility. Please support Bargo Public School in it efforts to maintain safe roads.